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Installing granite and marble slabs help Oakville homeowners breath new life into their space. One of the most gratifying aspects of installing marble or granite is the uniqueness and customization involved. For Oakville homeowners looking to finish off a kitchen or bathroom project would benefit knowing that regardless of what option of slabs you choose, it is imperative to ensure that the installation process is completed properly.

Things to be considered

First and foremost, homeowners must understand the properties of the type of stone being installed. Neither granite nor stone are nearly as cost-friendly as plastic or wooden countertop options, but they are significantly more durable and economically savvy. Granite is hard and heat-resistant, while marble is visually appealing and easier to craft. The latter is easier to cut and shape, as it is softer than granite, but prone to scratching. The former isn't as easy to form, but its density prevents it from household hazards. Granite doesn't have the uniqueness in pattern or color that marble does, but still comes in a variety. It's important to consider what visual characteristics your stone will portray when installed, as it must mesh with the rest of the room it is in. Granite and marble slabs can be the centrepiece to a room, so its cohesion with the scheme of a bathroom or kitchen is worth keeping in mind.

The Steps

1. Ordering the stone
Choosing the visually sufficient stone (as previously noted) is important when ordering your future countertop. Allow for enough stone material to build with or craft, but refrain from over-buying, as the material can prove costly or a waste of money if not used. Delivery can take roughly a month, and some outfitters may request to do their own measurements anyway.
2. Cabinet prep
Plywood must be cut to fit comfortably atop the cabinets, as this will be the base for your granite or marble slabs. Stones are usually laid on ¾ inch plywood. It is important to note that no portion of the plywood should hang over the base cabinets – they are covered by the crafted edges of the chosen stone being installed.
3. Make a template
A common issue when laying countertops is that the walls the cabinets are place against are not always square. A solution to this would be to create a template of the countertop's measurement. It is suggested that you use spare pieces to test how they lay against the wall in order to ensure a comfortable fit.
4. Cutting a sink hole
Once the granite or marble slab is set, trace and cut your hole before placing the sink in it. It is necessary to cover the sink as protection, generally with an easily removable material (e.g. cardboard), as you complete the installation.
5. Seaming and gluing
Level and join the seams of the granite or marble slab, screwing together from under the plywood to ensure for an easy fit. Use light caulking around the sink to prevent water penetration. Using required glue and hardener, slowly smoothen it against the bottom half of the slabs and leave to dry.
While the installation process may seem to be a herculean task for the everyman to complete, it is a good way of ensuring the job is done the way you would prefer, and certainly more cost-efficient. Labour money saved for your Oakville home granite or marble slab project is money earned.

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